Blue Letter

the color blue

Some think of: the ocean, a baby boy, feelings of sadness, a world map, and the sky. Imagine being asked to take a pen and a blue piece of paper to write down, verbatim, what you would like for someone to say to your families, your spouse and kids, apologizing why you wouldn't be coming home today because of a decision you made to take a shortcut at work.

Take a moment....let's reflect on this emotion you may have felt at this moment and let's call it the Blue Letter effect!

The intention is to never write such a letter, but it is to be as a reminder to never fail being safe.  To take the time to do things right, to wear the correct personal protective equipment, to wear your fall protection gear, to follow your training, and to speak up when you see something.

Think of the promises you've made to your family: to walk your daughter down the aisle on her wedding day, to holding your grand baby for the first time, celebrate your next anniversary, being at your child's ballgame or attending a father/daughter dance!  Your list of promises grows everyday.

It is our prayer that you take the time to glance at this blue piece of paper, this piece of sky, or piece of ocean and let it be a beacon on the hill to remind us that life is short and should not be taken for granted.  Remember we all have a duty to return home safe daily!

Let's stop "just checking the box" but go deeper and take a second look at what the Blue Letter means to you.

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